Golden Westlake

Where can you find this place which undoubtedly will exceed your expectations? It is easy, this place is located in 2ha area at 151 Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district. Those apartments are considered synonym of “luxury” in Hanoi.



You have many options here in Golden Westlake, you can opt to for a room with many bathrooms, 5 is the limit. If a place has 5 bathrooms just imagine the size of it. You will also have a balcony with an incredible and unique view of the Westlake. In addition, those apartments have space, style and quietness.



Let’s specify what those apartments can offer to us. You will have a full equipped gym with the most advanced technology   in order to improve your physical condition, but, if you have other ideas to treat your body, we can provide you with a dance studio and a sauna.

You will have other benefits such as the City Smart Hospitality Center and the Maple Bear kindergarten. The education of your kids will be a warranty; in fact, it will be a education of high quality and good standards which will exceed your expectations by far. The future of your kids will be extremely bright and many paths will be available to them.

Among the facilities of this place we can mention a swimming pool (considered the most complete sport ever when we talk to tone ourselves), tennis courts (another good option to do exercise due to the change of rhythm and correct use of strength while practicing this sport), beach volleyball (perfect to play with your friends and have fun with this awesome activity), are for BBQ and picnic (a great opportunity to share with family and friends while eating a delicious meal) and finally you have a garden to appreciate and admire the gifts of nature



The options here in Golden Westlake are many, construction size from 68 to 200 sqm, where you can find up to 2 and 3 bathrooms and bedrooms respectively (all of them can be furnished or unfurnished according to the demands of the person. If you are looking for something bigger, the penthouse series are the answer, they have the biggest areas (450,650 or 700 sqm), and more bathroom and bedrooms (both with a number of 5)







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