Sky City Tower

Sky City Tower has many advantages just because of its location, we can find it in the main street of Hanoi, thanks to that it is near of schools, hospitals, embassies and other places with the purpose of provide entertainment or certain facilities, supermarkets, some important restaurants and the National Cinema Center.


This place will also provide you of a cafeteria, a medical center, a place where kids can play safe and develop their skills and have fun with no risk, a gym, a sport center and a swimming pool. You will at your disposal of green areas which will give you a sensation of peace, isolated from the disturbing sounds of the city.
Sky City Tower has a construction and design that provide a real aspect and sensation of luxury, this innovation and high standards are presented in every single apartment of this complex. You can find different apartments in this complex, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, dining room, living rooms, a full equipped kitchen. The interior of the apartment has incredible figures, everything is imported; that provide an unique style for your apartment. Just imagine yourself enjoying this place wearing your travel jacket



If you have great expectations and want them to be fulfilled, believe that Sky City Tower will have no problem with that. In addition, the apartment has a camera-telephone in the door, air-conditioning saving power, high-speech ADSL, a fire alarm in case of a emergency, a logical building management in order to give security to every person inside the complex. If you have a car, don’t worry about parking, the basement can held 500 cars and 1500 motorcycles.





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