Elegant Suites Residences

Elegant Suites Residences has apartments and penthouses for rentals that consolidate class and confort with contemporary furniture, modern technology and luxurious bathrooms. This complex is located on the top of the list among the best apartments of Hanoi. Elegant Suites is divided between Elegant Suites Westlake and Elegant Suites Ha Hoi. In addition, the Elegant Suites Residences has a pool and a  gym fully equipped for the ones who want to tone their bodies.






– Elegant Suites West, it is specially located to be just a few minutes from the tranquil waters of West Lake, with incredible greenhouses and an incredible sensation of peace. The 135 flats and penthouses are meant to please and fulfill the expectations of everyone. Every apartment have a personal gallery, which provides an amazing touch of class to each room.

– Elegant Suites Ha Hoi offer almost 50 units with an average of 2-3 bedrooms and penthouse, from 105 to 194 sqm which combines class and comfort, with an incredible architecture, contemporary furniture, equipment with the highest technology and extravagant bathrooms . Every room has a huge balcony with an amazing view of the city

Whatever you are looking for, surely you will find it in Elegant Suites Residences, you can find the style that suits you the most, the tranquility of the lake and an outstanding view of the city from the balcony of your apartment or just in the couch and appreciate your private gallery.








Sky City Tower

Sky City Tower has many advantages just because of its location, we can find it in the main street of Hanoi, thanks to that it is near of schools, hospitals, embassies and other places with the purpose of provide entertainment or certain facilities, supermarkets, some important restaurants and the National Cinema Center.


This place will also provide you of a cafeteria, a medical center, a place where kids can play safe and develop their skills and have fun with no risk, a gym, a sport center and a swimming pool. You will at your disposal of green areas which will give you a sensation of peace, isolated from the disturbing sounds of the city.
Sky City Tower has a construction and design that provide a real aspect and sensation of luxury, this innovation and high standards are presented in every single apartment of this complex. You can find different apartments in this complex, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, dining room, living rooms, a full equipped kitchen. The interior of the apartment has incredible figures, everything is imported; that provide an unique style for your apartment. Just imagine yourself enjoying this place wearing your travel jacket



If you have great expectations and want them to be fulfilled, believe that Sky City Tower will have no problem with that. In addition, the apartment has a camera-telephone in the door, air-conditioning saving power, high-speech ADSL, a fire alarm in case of a emergency, a logical building management in order to give security to every person inside the complex. If you have a car, don’t worry about parking, the basement can held 500 cars and 1500 motorcycles.





Golden Westlake

Where can you find this place which undoubtedly will exceed your expectations? It is easy, this place is located in 2ha area at 151 Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district. Those apartments are considered synonym of “luxury” in Hanoi.



You have many options here in Golden Westlake, you can opt to for a room with many bathrooms, 5 is the limit. If a place has 5 bathrooms just imagine the size of it. You will also have a balcony with an incredible and unique view of the Westlake. In addition, those apartments have space, style and quietness.



Let’s specify what those apartments can offer to us. You will have a full equipped gym with the most advanced technology   in order to improve your physical condition, but, if you have other ideas to treat your body, we can provide you with a dance studio and a sauna.

You will have other benefits such as the City Smart Hospitality Center and the Maple Bear kindergarten. The education of your kids will be a warranty; in fact, it will be a education of high quality and good standards which will exceed your expectations by far. The future of your kids will be extremely bright and many paths will be available to them.

Among the facilities of this place we can mention a swimming pool (considered the most complete sport ever when we talk to tone ourselves), tennis courts (another good option to do exercise due to the change of rhythm and correct use of strength while practicing this sport), beach volleyball (perfect to play with your friends and have fun with this awesome activity), are for BBQ and picnic (a great opportunity to share with family and friends while eating a delicious meal) and finally you have a garden to appreciate and admire the gifts of nature



The options here in Golden Westlake are many, construction size from 68 to 200 sqm, where you can find up to 2 and 3 bathrooms and bedrooms respectively (all of them can be furnished or unfurnished according to the demands of the person. If you are looking for something bigger, the penthouse series are the answer, they have the biggest areas (450,650 or 700 sqm), and more bathroom and bedrooms (both with a number of 5)







IDK White House, just what you deserve!


One of the most attractive aspects of this place is that it is located in one of the most famous streets in Hanoi (37 Phan Đình Phùng, Hanói, Ba Đình). Its location will provide a short distance to many parks and some historical and touristic attractions of the city. Also near of this place we can find restaurants, markets and shops; the use of busses in this area is recommended. In order to give you an idea about the distances to different places from  the IDC White House, if you want to go to the Opera House, Hanoi Flatpole or the Hoam Kiem Lake, it would take you just 15 minutes on foot; if you prefer to go to Hang Dau Park, there would be no more than 5 minutes; 10 minutes on foot and you will be in Hanoi Citadel, the West Lake, Truc Bach Lake or the Ba Dinh square; finally, if you need to go to the airport, the time needed to be there is just 35 minutes.



And now let’s talk about the appartment itself. The place has an incredible style related with French architecture, provided with air conditioner provided by DaiKin (Japan), an elevator with the most advanced technology from Switzerland (in addition of a luxury style from Europe). In the building we can find a sauna and a gym.



Talking about technology, the house has an impressive and smart security system. It is composed by  sensor lighting, video bell, IR camera and surveillance 24/7; in addition, there will be some items and elements in case of fire, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers and  automatic extinguishing system. But that is not all, the house will be provided with video phones, digital TV and a good quality internet connection.

There are different options such as the one bedroom apartment (it has 1 king bed, 1 double sofa bed, 1 bathroom, living and dining areas and a kitchen full equipped), the studio apartment (where the only difference from the previous room is the absence of the sofa bed) the two bedroom apartment (instead of having a sofa bed, it is replaced by a queen bed and it has another bathroom), the three bedroom apartment (it is consisted by 1 king bed and 2 queen beds, 2 bathroom, the kitchen and living and dining areas), and finally, there is the presidential suite (what makes this apartment different from the others is that it is very luxurious, it has 1 king bed, 1 double sofa bed, a private terrace and Jacuzzi).

Depending of the room of your preference you can have by paying $1200 per month as rent.










Atlanta Residences, the place for you

You will find Atlanta Residences in downtown Hanoi , it’s location is very good. It is just 1km to Hanoi Opera House  . Just Imagine that in no time you will be enjoying the unique and incredible music which can only be provided by the Opera. The same music wich gave a reputation to singers such as  José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti and Plácido Domingo.



Of course, if you prefer something different, in just 10 minutes on foot you will be enjoying the Hoan Kiem Lake; the simple fact of being amazed by its natural beauty and quietness. Just you and nature, a perfect balance with peacefulness. “Peacefulness”, that is a good word to describe Atlanta Residences. The place where it is located is one of the quietest areas of the city, this will provide a good rest and area of work without the terrible sound of traffic or crowded zones. It may be located a few blocks away from major malls, but perhaps this fact, it is not hard to get food, drinks or shopping




And now, we saw the area where Atlanta Residences is located, now we will see what the building itself has to offer. If we take a look into the room itself (which were built with the highest standard for quality and design), we have different options, such as: apartments D and C with 1 bedroom, 1bathroom, full furniture within a size of 85
m2; another option is the style B,  a room with 2 bedrooms , 120 m2 , 2 bathroom and  full furniture; then we can choose the C  style with 3 bedrooms, 165 m2, 3 bathroom and full furniture; finally we have the
penthouse, conformed by  637 m2, 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 113 m2 garden and full furniture

The building will provide you:
-Master bedroom with Bathtub and Standing shower
-Queen size bed
-Fully equipped Gymnasium
-100% Back-up power generator
-24hr security presence with CCTV
-Professional building management and 24 hour receptionists
-2 high speed lifts and stair case
-2 basements for cars and motorbikes
-International fire and safety standards
-Fully furnished furniture
-Fully equipped kitchen including cooker, fridge and microwave, oven, kitchen utilities…
-Washing machine & Dryer
-Modern bathrooms and Kitchens with state of art equipment.
-Individually controlled Air-Conditioning





All of this will be available with a rent from $2300 to $5400 per month depending of the room. What are you waiting for to stay in the place you were looking for?  You know you found the answer in Atlanta Residences.